Joy Berghaus

Owl's Roost

Guest Artist @ Birdsong Studio 5 Sixth Ave, Betterton MD 21610 / 540-533-5355

Joy's fun, one of a kind wearable art jewelry is inspired by the color, texture and feel of combinations of semi precious and precious stones, glass, shell, porcelain, crystals beads, silver plated metal tubes, beads, and charms. Her techniques are varied and include regular stringing, knitting, and weaving. She uses a strong .8mm elastic cord to make her bracelets and necklaces. Her popular "all in one" stretch bracelet/necklace can be a necklace or wrapped three times around the wrist as a statement piece. Most of her simple beaded and wire knitted necklaces are strung with the same elastic cord that can easily be pulled over the head. No more fumbling with those irritating clasps.